We asked Jack, a site manager, to answer five questions about being a School Business Leader. Here’s what he said:

  1. How did you become a School Business Leader? I took the apprenticeship route and worked my way up to Site Manager
  2. What would be your one tip for aspiring/new School Business Leaders? Organisation is key, but also remember that flexibility is super important, your to-do list will never be empty, so don’t fret too much when an inevitable disruption to your planned day happens!
  3. If you had an independent mentor and you asked for their support in one area of your role, what would you ask? How can I best integrate into the team to supplement all of the other school functions?
  4. Thinking about when you first started as a school leader, what one piece of advice would you give yourself knowing what you know now? You were hired because they have faith in you, always remember that you are good enough and that setbacks happen to everyone. The real test is the ability to dust yourself down (in my case sometimes literally!) and get the job done.
  5. Many School Business Leaders report feeling isolated, how do you think this could be addressed? Local authorities, MATs, Schools and other orgs encouraging networking of site staff much like our amazing school business leaders do. A Caretaker or Site Manager is often literally alone in a school, so sometimes it’s nice to hear from other likeminded people!

Jack is a Site Manager within a large trust. You can connect with Jack on Twitter

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